Hola! I'm Fede. At Pracademy we're on a mission to humanize innovation. 

We launched Pracademy, a practical innovation academy, to help people and organizations worldwide identify their creative potential through design-thinking training.


With design thinking, innovation starts & ends with human connection. Period.


Forget about complex frameworks and soulless formulas. Innovation happens for and with humans.

Design thinkers touch people deeply by observing mindfully, listening empathically, and being vulnerable. We embrace diversity, radical collaboration, and ambiguity. All while learning through rapid prototypes and failure. We also have tons of serious fun.


Pracademy offers practical learning experiences that help people & organizations innovate & grow.



Design thinking workshops are our bread and butter. We hold close to 60 each year, which tap into participants' intellectual, emotional, and visceral learning.


We offer coaching services for firms involved in ongoing innovation projects. As process experts, we design coaching programs that help teams increase their impact.

tailored programs

We deliver tailored executive-education programs specifically designed to address strategic organizational objectives such as growth and leadership development.