Design Arena: Torhild Eide Torgersen

Design Arena is the design cluster in Western Norway. They work to apply, develop and build expertise in design-driven innovation with the goal of spreading the design mindset and making the business environment more design driven.

Torhild Eide Torgersen, cluster manager of Design Arena, talks about how design thinking has been perceived in Norway and how you can make design thinking work.

Place Design Oslo: Victor Barrera

Place Design is a design and innovation consultancy that specialises in digital and circular business development as well as customer experience. Their team uses design thinking methods to help companies in the transition from a linear (make use and dispose) to a circular economy (regenerate, restore and share).

Watch the video below with Victor Barrera, business advisor at Place Design, to find out more about linear and circular design, how to cope with the challenges of fear and confusion, and why communication is essential in teams.

Kavli & Q Meieriene: Annette W. Jung

Kavli, founded in 1893 by Olav Kavli, is one of Norway's oldest and most traditional food companies.  They have been producing dairy products for over 120 years. And now they are adopting design thinking to remain in the forefront of food innovation.

Check out this in-depth interview with Annette W. Jung, Innovation & Product Development Manager at Kavli, on the opportunities and challenges of introducing design thinking into a leading, growing, and well-established organization.

Design Thinking in Norway: A Bookumentary


The Pracademy team has dedicated over a decade exploring the reaches of design thinking, academically and practically.  We've spent much of that time living and working in Norway -- collaborating with academics, business people, entrepreneurs, and government officials.  We now want to document the birth and growth of our beloved methodology -- in our beloved adopted country -- with the world.

During the next six months, we will interview key players in the Norwegian human-centered innovation space, and write a book about their stories, projects, and initiatives.  Once it's ready, it is our intention to distribute the book, which will include multi-media interactivity, online and for free to help disseminate our methods and mindset.

We will be using this site to share tidbits of our most current interviews with you, so please do stop by often.  We welcome your views, feedback, and questions along the way.

Let the DT book quest begin!


The DT i Norge Book Team

P.S.  We're still in search of an official book title.  Lots of ideas welcome. :)