We've served hundreds of organizations big & small, in the private & public sectors. 

We've been fortunate to work with and learn from leaders in many different industries and countries: from banking and insurance to maritime and manufacturing; from Korea and Kosovo to Germany and Spain.

Our clients share an interest in empathizing deeply with their employees and customers in order to make a difference in their lives. We help them make this happen.

Some of these clients are below.





Government & Nonprofits





What Our Clients Are Saying About Us.


Anita Steinstad

service designer, knowit

"Fede is probably the most inspiring facilitator and tutor I've had the pleasure of working with. He has a strong understanding of the business world, and this combined with his enthusiasm and knowledge with the design thinking processes is of great value. No matter what the challenge is, he will manage to motivate and encourage everyone on his team to achieve insightful results. I'd also like to add that he's great fun to work with."


“Federico is a lively spark who catches and holds your attention from the moment he walks into the room to the end of his workshop. He is full of life and has an amazing ability to engage his audience. Further, creativity and courage is a case of attitude and we can certainly work more with this at Total. The Design Thinking Deep Dive workshop was very well thought through, and there was never a dull moment. I sit back with only positive memories.”

Sigmund Pettersen

Director of HR & Administration, Total E&P Norge




"I've had the great privilege of having Fede as my mentor and teacher. Through his guidance, I quickly received a deeper understanding of how to effectively tap into the core needs and desires of my customers. His mentoring style is involving, empathetic, and knowledgeable. He's an amazing facilitator. And his energetic way of communicating with his whole body makes the learning experience highly engaging and inspiring. By using humor, visual effects, and practical exercises he engages any audience and encourages participation and involvement. He's a warm and very likeable guy, making it easier and inspiring to work on complex and challenging topics. Working with Fede has challenged me to stretch—and to trust both my intuition and the process."


"Fede is one of the most electrifying speakers I have ever seen. He had the 300 participants at Næringslivsdagen 2013, the leading business conference in Northern Norway, completely captivated and laughing nonstop. His talk on the power of empathy in business was inspiring, and received top scores from the participants."


Manager, KPMG


joao ribeiro


"As a student of the first Design Thinking Executive Education Program in Norway, I feel very fortunate to have Federico as a mentor. Fede is extremely well-versed in design thinking, incredibly smart, and above all, everything that a mentor should be! He can bring you the right amounts of guidance and exploratory autonomy, balancing his presence in a way that allows you to truly learn! I remember one time, after initially guiding our group through a mentoring sessions, he quietly took a seat. As our group began to "get it," I could see how his eyes filled with enthusiasm. However, Fede remained quiet until it was time for further guidance, allowing us to learn and find our own flow. Besides being a great mentor, Fede is a joy to work with. He's that rare kind of person that is super serious about what he does, yet is able to convey his deep knowledge in a fun, joyful, and accessible way! I sincerely hope we have more opportunities to meet and work together!"


"I am incredibly lucky to have met Fede! I'm in my 7th year of university education, and it's the first time I meet a person who puts so much love and enthusiasm and energy and inspiration in every student—as if lighting up candles! I truly admire Fede as a person and will definitely look forward to future meetings, and sharing ideas and thoughts, because every time he becomes a part of our creative process, it gets only better and more fun!"

Ana dranovska

master's student in entrepreneurship, uit



Head of Communications, Assessit

"With great pleasure and success we've had Fede Lozano as a speaker at the Assessit Lederkonferanse & Årets Unge Leder 2015 in Oslo. He delivered a marvelous talk and workshop with fantastic enthusiasm, and got the more than 400 participants from industry all over Norway really engaged. Not withstanding the interesting content and cool exercises, he also managed to touch all of us in the room at a more personal level—very impressive. We give the warmest and best recommendations! Thank you, Fede!"


"At Start NTNU we wish to inspire students towards a more entrepreneurial mindset. During one of our events, StartIT, Fede provided the audience with a boost of energy via a highly interactive workshop. Through storytelling, assignments, laughter and tears he taught us the importance of empathy, failure, and feedback."






"Fede is a most engaging and delightful coach! Combined with a deep knowledge of the design thinking process and the corporate business world, he is precise in his delivery. Fede is always open to input and create a dialogue as he expands upon feedback. His style and qualities produce enthusiastic empathic thinkers!"


"Fede is a firecracker of a presenter and much loved by his executive education students."

Torhild Eide Torgersen

Leader, Design Arena