In only two days, we will teach you how to run a full-scale Design Sprint - Silicon Valley style.

December 12th - December 13th, 2017
@ Oslo House of Innovation

Solve big problems and test ideas in just five days. The Design Sprint is a powerful approach since fast innovation cycles are key in today's rapidly changing business landscape.

The Design Sprint is an innovation process that allows your team to define a problem, ideate solutions, build prototypes, and test them with real human beings.  It borrows tools and techniques from Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Service Design. The bootcamp is facilitated by leading practitioners and trainers.

What people say about us

“Exceptionally good,” “lots of energy,” “people were over the moon about it.”
— Top 30 managers globally @ Wilhelmsen's Annual Management Forum 2017 
The feedback from our colleagues is that they left with more positive energy, good ideas and tools to implement in their everyday work life.”
— Andreas Mikalsen, Managing Director - Marine Harvest Markets Norway AS
The best experience we had was that employees learnt to work in another, new way. We think we will be able to get much more out of it and we definitely want to do this more!.”
— Alette Knudsen, Program leader, Bergen Kommune

The Design Sprint concept

The concept is simple: In 5 days you go from a challenge to a solution, test it with real users, and iterate towards optimal results.  However, before launching the Sprint, you and your team must have a general understanding of the problem you are trying to solve. You need user research. 

The week goes like this: Monday you set the stage, get the perspective and clarify the challenge.  Tuesday you sketch solutions, brainstorm, and bodystorm.  Wednesday you decide what to build and make a storyboard. Thursday you build the prototype(s). Friday you interview users and test the prototype(s).


What you will learn at this bootcamp:

How to set up, facilitate, and execute the multiple facets of a design sprint

  • How to define a smart problem statement

  • How to generate ideas effectively

  • How to sketch

  • How to decide without wasting time on discussion

  • How to make a storyboard

  • How to build any prototype in a day

  • How to do user interviews and tests

How to lead teams of humans through a weeklong sprint

  • How to enable people to stay energized throughout the day and the week

  • How to make people open up and be comfortable in a creative setting

  • How to put together multidisciplinary teams for the best results

How to organize a design sprint

  • How to get buy in from key players in your organization

  • How to prepare the sprint

  • How to use space and your environment to enhance creativity

  • How to follow up on the sprint results

What will you do?

You'll go through the main parts of the Sprint as active ‘doers,’ getting your hands dirty throughout the entire two days.  You'll be working in teams, and solving challenges using Design Sprint tools - while having tons of fun.  We will avoid the traditional one-way, theory-heavy lectures, which are unfit for innovation training.  And although all of our content and methods are rigorously and empirically tested, this Bootcamp has a strong hands-on, applied, and team-based foundation.  

What can participants use these techniques for?

  • Develop and test new products, services, and processes

  • Solve human-centered challenges in the organization

  • Design new business models

  • Branding and marketing projects

  • Storytelling for marketing and branding activities

What you get:

·    All the material you need to do it yourself

·    A detailed summary to show your colleagues what you learned

·    One personal Design Sprint coach you can call anytime you want

·    2 breakfast, 2 lunches, and 1 dinner + insane party

·    Unlimited access to world class coffee, from the mountains in Kenya.