awareness. mind training. Meditation. focus on your breath.  


What is this all about? Why should I care? Is this something only weird hippies in robes do? How can I benefit from this?  

Why do Google, Facebook, and Apple promote mindfulness?  

If you are interested in answering any of these questions, please join our club by adding your information here.


We will meet during the dates and times below to practice together at VE-22 SMASH, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MTP), Richard Birkelandsvei 2B.  (More info soon on places "to be determined".)

Tuesday, October 10th:  10.15

Wednesday, October 11th:  12.15

Monday, October 16th:  10:15 (place to be determined)

Tuesday, October 17th:  10.15

Wednesday, October 18th:  12:15

Thursday, October 19th:  10:15 (place to be determined)



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Free the Mind, a documentary about Richard Davidson, the world's leading mindfulness scholar, and his work.

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Any material from Matthieu Ricard, Richard Davidson (U. Wisconsin - Madison), Daniel Goleman (Harvard), Jon Kabat-Zinn (U. of Massachusetts), and Emma Seppala (Stanford) is sure to be informed and top-notch.

Apps:  Headspace,  calm Insight Timer