A 3-week program where multidisciplinary teams solve real challenges using design thinking.

TBA in August, 2018
Oslo, Norway

Smac is a practical academy for change-makers. 

For three weeks in August, selected partners will have a team of dedicated creatives solve their challenges using design thinking. The teams will be assisted by leading practitioners and experts. This is an opportunity for your company to have an important challenge solved, learn more about the Silicon Valley mindset and to hire smart, creative people.  

Partner tuition: 70.000 NOK 

What people say about us

“Exceptionally good,” “lots of energy,” “people were over the moon about it.”
— Wilhelmsen's top 30 managers globally @ Annual Management Forum 2017
The feedback from our colleagues is that they left the workshop with more positive energy, some good ideas and tools to implement in their everyday work life.”
— Andreas Mikalsen, Managing Director - Marine Harvest Markets Norway AS
The best experience we had was that employees learnt to work in another, new way. We think we will be able to get much more out of it and we definitely want to do this more!.”
— Alette Knudsen, Project Leader, Bergen Kommune
The program includes tons of fun!

The program includes tons of fun!

The Creatives

Smac is for thinkers and doers, open-minded, action-oriented people. Each team will be a mix of students and young professionals with a diverse set of backgrounds. They´re smart, creative and curious. They are change-makers. 

The Design Challenge

The design challenge can include the development of new products or services and/or the creation of new internal processes or systems. Above all, it should be an important challenge your firm is facing. 

The Program 

The first three days will be a mix of short instructional lectures, practical learning experiences and teamwork. Then the teams will move into the partners' offices and use design thinking to solve their challenges. They´ll be interviewing and observing customers in field. After which they´ll ideate, prototype, test, and retest in an iterative fashion.  

The Facilitators 

At Pracademy, we hold the deep trust that this new training and innovation philosophy has the power to disrupt entire industries in radically positive ways. We are equal parts educators and practitioners who understand the importance of a real-life, hands-on, and experiential educational journey. Our training programs incorporate empirically proven, cutting-edge pedagogical and innovation tools originating from Stanford University, where our team has been educated and has taught.

What will your company gain as a partner? 

1. You will get one free seat at the Design Sprint Bootcamp in Oslo, December 12th-13th 2017. 

2. You will get the opportunity to offer an important challenge, which your company is facing and have a multidisciplinary team of dedicated creatives tackle it during an intensive 3-week period. The team will be facilitated and assisted by leading scholars, practitioners, and experts.

3. You will get a group of creatives working intensively with design thinking in the middle of your office for two weeks. This will allow any of your employees that want to learn more about the silicon valley mindset and associated innovation tools, to do so, exactly when they want.

4. You will get a well-tested prototype of a product, service, or process at the end of the program. You can then decide whether to move forward with the final implementation and/or commercialization of the prototype.

5. You will get the opportunity to hire the best creatives. Without any extra fees.

Smac currently has the possibility to include 5 more partners. If you want to discuss the possibility of becoming a partner, push the button: