At heart we're half educators, half entrepreneurs. We love startups, and help them thrive.

We serve on the Board of Advisors of up-and-coming ventures, and assist their founders to achieve strategic growth by training them in the creative confidence mindset and design-thinking tools.



Learnlink aims to make personalized learning available to everyone.  Although proven to be the most effective way of learning, one-on-one tutoring has been reserved for the wealthiest few percents of the population.  By connecting tutors and students directly, Learnlink reduces transaction costs and prices dramatically.


Flare makes the world safer through connecting people.  By creating a quick and easy way of reaching out to nearby people in emergencies, Flare represents a new dimension within personal safety.  With over 5.000 users, this four-man startup has developed one of Norway's fastest growing, socially responsible apps.



Astronaut is a referral recruitment platform for people who love to make connections. Astronaut "connectors" recommend friends to job openings and get paid while doing so.  This disruptive company's strategy is designed to spread great work opportunities to the right people.  Astronaut's ultimate mission is to help people find more meaningful work.

Wipe It

Wipe It is on the mission to help keep men's private parts dry and bacteria free.  Through an innovative, water soluble tissue and human-centered dispenser, Wipe It plans to revolutionize the way men urinate. This taboo-shattering company has received seed funding from Petter Stordalen, one of Norway's leading entrepreneurs.


What Founders Say About Our Advice

Pracademy has given us invaluable advice on customer empathizing and business development. Their training courses have been described as "enlightening" and "extremely motivating" by our tutors, and they are without a doubt the most talented educators we've worked with.  Learnlink
Pracademy has offered great advice and insight on a range of different problems and taught us the importance of thinking as our users. Their approach to innovation is truly energetic and inspiring!  —Flare
Pracademy has been very helpful for Astronaut in getting a deeper understanding of the "connectors"Astronaut's users.  Their design-thinking knowledge and excellent communication skills have helped Astronaut use different design-thinking techniques and processes with great success.  Fede's the man when it comes to design thinking!  — Astronaut
Pracademy has been a great resource for us in pushing us out in the unknown and bringing great ideas on how to not only talk to our users, but actually understanding them!  With their energetic personality, contagious good humor and compassionate interest in people, Pracademy brings, most of all, motivation for everyone in our startup.  — WipeIt