Marine Harvest: Using empathy to communicate across cultures

Having a truly global company with employees from many different countries, cultures and professional disciplines is not easy. Therefore, Marine Harvest, the world’s leading seafood company, works continuously on innovative ways to grow their business and cope with the challenges that come with having such a global presence.

In June 2017 Pracademy was invited to give a workshop for 150 of Marine Harvest’s employees in Edinburgh. The goal was to get everyone engaged around what it takes to successfully drive the future development of Marine Harvest globally and how an empathic mindset and design thinking can help them achieve their goals.

It has helped us in raising awareness around our own behavior, how we influence people around us and how this leads to outstanding performance. The feedback from our colleagues is that they left the workshop with more positive energy, some good ideas and tools to implement in their everyday work life.
— Andreas Mikalsen