The only way to learn innovation is by doing innovation.


This is why we avoid the traditional one-way, theory-heavy lectures, which are unfit for innovation training. Instead, all of our workshops are hands-on, applied, and experiential. They're also quite fun.

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Telenor, DNB, LG, Kongsberg Group, Total E&P, Norwegian School of Economics



Design thinking deep dive

This is an introduction to the key tools, methods, and mindset of design thinking, which you will learn by working in teams on a real-life design challenge.  If your organization would like to suggest a particular design challenge, we can seamlessly integrate it into this workshop format.

You will learn to:  

  • Put yourself in the shoes of others and adopt an empathic perspective by observing and immersing
  • Interview people in order to elicit meaningful responses that point you towards their deepest intentions
  • Make sense of your empathy research by crafting powerful insights, and move from data to knowledge 
  • Craft a strong Point of View, which will synthesize your empathy research and give it focus and direction
  • Become skilled at coming up with creative ideas that will serve as solutions to complex, ambiguous challenges
  • Use many different ideation tools like brainstorming, brainwriting, and quick sketching
  • Build all sorts of rapid and rough prototypes that bring your ideas into the real world quickly and cheaply
  • Expose prototypes to the world, ask the right questions, receive good feedback, learn, and iterate repeatedly
  • Collaborate with people with different backgrounds, and tap into the creative potential of diversity
  • Play, have fun, laugh, and not take yourself too seriously, while taking your creative work extremely seriously

For whom: Anyone (literally)

Duration: 1 or 2 days

Capacity: 20 to 500 participants

Setting: We hold this workshop publicly several times a year. We can also arrange one as part of a conference or special event, or in-house at your organization.

Train the design thinking Trainer

This workshop teaches the interpersonal, pedagogical, and advanced design thinking skills necessary to become a successful teacher of design thinking.

You will learn to:

  • Help students identify their creative confidence through hands on, meaningful learning experiences
  • Communicate lessons through a powerful teaching style, which taps into students' intellect and emotions
  • Develop your own training content by uncovering the fundamental mindset of a design thinker
  • Guide students in deep learning, introspection, and reflection through the use of metacognitive skills
  • Balance between being a strong facilitator and permitting your students to fail safely and deal with ambiguity
  • Design educational and training programs for many different kinds of students and settings
  • Create a fun, open, and caring learning environment where students feel safe to express themselves fully
  • Connect with students not only as a teacher but also as a mentor and friend by understanding that the learning experience goes both ways

For whom: Experienced design thinkers, professors, teachers, personal coaches, consultants, and trainers interested in teaching design thinking to others.  Previous attendance at a Design Thinking Deep Dive is required.

Duration: 2 or 3 days

Capacity: 15 to 60 participants

Setting: We hold this workshop publicly several times a year. We can also arrange one in-house at your company or university.

The art & science of public speaking

Developing great ideas and solutions through design thinking is only half of the work. Communicating these ideas convincingly and creatively is the other half.

You will learn to:

  • Recognize the immense power of storytelling in the public-speaking and communication process
  • Craft memorable, emotional, and genuine stories that help others understand why your message matters
  • Use your body effectively during presentations, and read others' body language to guide your communication
  • Connect deeply with your audience by using physical space strategically
  • Moderate your tone, pace, and rhythm to keep your audience listening, no matter the size or background
  • Engage the crowd through well-timed questions, well-chosen humor, and short exercises that impress
  • Show don't only tell by gaining and keeping people's attention through objects, artefacts, and their meaning
  • Design attractive visual aids that use the immense power of pictures and videos appropriately

For whom: Executives wanting to inspire their employees, managers interested in selling their ideas to top management, entrepreneurs getting ready for an investor pitch, students preparing for class presentations, and anyone interested in transforming their public-speaking and communication capabilities

Duration: 1 or 2 days

Capacity:  10 to 60 participant

Setting: We hold this workshop publicly several times a year. We can also arrange one as part of a conference or special event, or in-house at your organization.